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Destinations for a Day Cruise

Green Cay

Green Cay Is a tucked-away offshore little island with triangle shape beache, a great reef for snorkeling, and old ruins to explore. It is home to a beautiful tropical reef with Elkhorn Coral. It is also a great spot to swim with wild sea turtles, what makes this island been knowed as Turtle Cay as well.

Rose Island North Side

Rose Island North Side is an excellent place for a Wedding day or a great day at the sea, with some of the most beatifull reefs for snorkeling, it also has a great view fo the most pictured island in the Bahamas, Sandy Cay the famous Gilligan's Island of the 60's TV show.

Little Harbour

Little Harbour is a very sheltered place with some great reefs for snorkeling, with a small beach, this place looks like a pirate movie background with a very secluded triangle shape beach.

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